About Us

Our Idea

This adventure comes from the past: a recent past and a distant past.
The distant past comes from the tradition of Italian regional cuisine: Focaccia.
The recent past is based on friendship between people who share values and contacts in the world: Italy.
The combination of these two extraordinary elements has generated a simple but brilliant idea, which has been transformed into our brand: Focacce Italiane.


Our Mission

Focacce Italiane is a company that creates, produces and distributes its product through monobrand stores and in the international markets, turning its clients experience in  a truly unique eno-gastronomic experience.
Product innovation, creativity in the brand communication, contemporaneity in the selling formats, accessibility in price are the components of our business model.

Our Vision

We have created a company that is inspired by the tradition of focaccia and merges it with the italian style and the creativity of the kitchen, renewing it completely.
The coloured focaccia is born, a product made by hand, in all its versions of formats and tastes.

The Focaccia

Our Product

Focacce Italiane wants to gather the traditions of the popular gastronomic culture of our country, transforming them into a new product offer that consolidates its core-product on focaccia, but enriches it with colours, aromas, flavours, tastes and makes it versatile in dishes suitable for all clients and occasions of the day.
The richness of focaccia is linked to its ease of consumption: it can be enjoyed at breakfast and snack in the sweet version, it can represent a meal with garnished and stuffed versions, during the aperitif accompanied by a drink and can satisfy the appetite any time of the day, with the habit of consuming it at home or in the street, as we do in our country.
Our core-product is focaccia, made with soft wheat flours minced exclusively in Italian mills and the dough is made following the habits of craftsmanship made in Italy, through the use of a selection of refined olive oils, malt, brewer’s yeast, salt.
Our focaccia, in almost all its versions, respects the habits of the vegetarian clients.


The history of this product sinks in the ancient roots of the Italian popular gastronomy and it represents an extraordinary variety of the regional cuisine of our country.
In Genova, home of the most famous focaccia and commonly called «Fugassa» in the local dialect, it is said that since the Middle Ages it was eaten at home and in the church, on the occasion of weddings to celebrate, accompanied by a glass of wine.
In the same region, in Recco, the focaccia is made without yeast, filled with fresh cheese and cooked in a wood oven, according to the guidelines that certify the originality of the local production.
In the northern and central Italy areas, the «Pinza Veneta» is enriched with salami or pancetta, other focaccia versions are cooked with parts of the pig that are called «Crescenta», as in Bologna.
In Toscana the focaccia is called «Schiacciata», anciently made with what remained of the dough used to prepare the daily bread; a well known version is the one with the black grape, called «Stiaccia», typical of Firenze and Maremma, once produced during the harvest period and appreciated for the contrast between sweet and salty, or consumed with pecorino cheese and finocchiona, as from the tradition of the Chianti countryside.
In the Marche, the «Crescia marchigiana» is cooked without oil and it challenges the best known piadina romagnola for its taste and flavour, while in Lazio, in the Gaeta area, the «Tiella» is a closed focaccia with a circular shape, filled with local products from land or sea, or there is the famous «Pizza Bianca», often consumed with the sole addition of a good olive oil.
In Southern Italy, originally from Salento, there is the «Sceblasti», a focaccia whose tradition returns to the times of Magna Grecia, prepared with durum wheat semolina and seasoned with many vegetables, while in Puglia the focaccia is coloured with local ingredients and, in the Bari area, the «Focaccia barese», made with black olives and cherry tomatoes, is the favourite snack of the locals.

The Classic Focaccia

Our Recipe


500 grams of soft wheat flour,
250 milliliters of water,
25 grams of extra virgin olive oil,
10 grams of brewer’s yeast,
10 grams of medium salt,
10 grams of powdered malt.



Dissolve the yeast in water, then knead with flour, malt, salt, extra virgin olive oil. Let the dough rest for at least 30 minutes in a dry place, then roll it out with your hands and place it in the middle of a pan greased with oil. Let rise for at least 1 hour at room temperature and place closed, then with the hands spread the dough in the pan and mold it extending it towards the sides of the pan and let stand for about 30 minutes at room temperature. Then sprinkle with the middle salt the dough lying on the pan and prepare in a closed bottle with the cap an emulsion consisting of 2/3 of oil and 1/3 of water, stir and use it to season the focaccia that you will peck with the tips of the fingers of both hands. Leave to rise for another hour, then put in an unventilated oven at 220 ° for about 20 minutes. Before serving, brush the surface of the focaccia with extra virgin olive oil and accompany it with a good glass of white wine or cold beer.


Our Focaccia

Gourmet classic focaccia with Parma ham, ricotta cheese with basil and valerian lettuce

Gourmet black focaccia with smoked salmon, cream cheese and rocket salad

Gourmet green focaccia with cream cheese, dried tomatoes in oil, light steamed omelette

Gourmet yellow focaccia with mascarpone Gorgonzola cream, caramelized pears and nuts

Gourmet red focaccia with tuna, pesto of rocket salad

Our Sandwiches

Wholemeal wheat spike-shaped focaccia, cut in half and stuffed with Parma ham, buffalo mozzarella petals

Red wheat spike-shaped focaccia, cut in half and stuffed with roast beef, cream of Gorgonzola, dried tomatoes in oil

Wheat spike-shaped focaccia, cut in half and stuffed with ricotta cream with basil, dried tomatoes in oil, mixed salad

The «Spiga Club»: wheat spike-shaped focaccia, cut in half and stuffed with cream cheese, confit cherry tomatoes, low temperature cooked chicken, light steamed omelette, mixed salad

Yellow wheat spike-shaped focaccia, cut in half and stuffed with tuna, ricotta cream with basil

Our Salads

Basket of focaccia with misticanza, chicken cooked at low temperature with fine herbs, cherry tomatoes confit, served with stripes of focaccia

Basket of focaccia with valerian lettuce, smoked salmon, avocado mayonnese, air of citrus, served with stripes of focaccia

Basket of focaccia with valerian lettuce, roast-beef, steamed vegetables, served with stripes of focaccia

Our Bowls

Bowl of colorful focaccia bread with crispy chicken nuggets, cherry tomatoes, rocket salad

Bowl of colorful focaccia bread with aubergine and sesame croquettes, colorful cherry tomatoe

Bowl of colorful focaccia bread with mini tuna burger and ricotta, small pieces of perch with sweet paprika and aromatic herbs, rustic baked potatoes, avocado mayonnaise

Our Geometries

Geometry with roast-beef, steamed potatoes, pesto of rocket leaves

Geometry of mediterranean octopus, steamed potatoes, ricotta cream with basil, confit cherry tomatoes

Our Sweets

Round coffee little focaccia with sweet mascarpone and cocoa

Tiramisu geometry with coffee focaccia, mascarpone cream, chocolate drops, bitter cocoa

Round cocoa little focaccia with bitter orange marmalade and chocolate drops

Round cinnamon little focaccia with natural mascarpone and caramelized pears

Rainbow of osmotic fruit and chromatic focaccia




Focacce Italiane realizes and distributes its product offer in monobrand stores, where the style, the service and the taste come together to create a unique experience for its clients.
The stores of Focacce Italiane apply both the Retail and the Franchising formula, through affiliate business partners.


Focacce Italiane elaborates, at the request of the client and through specialized catering, products for company and private events.
72 hours notice to organize the service.


Focacce Italiane makes, by telephone or through digital orders and specialized operators, home deliveries for clients who want to appreciate the product in full comfort.
1 hours notice to organize the service.

Via Tortona 20, Milan

Opening Hours

Monday and Tuesday

12:00 – 15:00

Wednesday to Saturday

12:00 – 20:00


12:00 – 18:00
tel. +39 02 36705086


Hello! Please fell free to contact us if you have questions about our services and products, or would like more information about Focacce Italiane. We will be happy to answer all your questions.

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